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point zero

a short film by Dilara Şahin


Film Title: Point Zero

Production Year: 2023

Production Country: Turkey

Director: Dilara Sahin

Producers: Samican Karatekin & Ezel Ergenekon

Scenario: Dilara Sahin

Original Story: Ayfer Şahin

Original Language: English

Duration: 11.45 minutes

Genre: Short Drama

Director of Photography: Celal Burak Özgül

Editor: Mustafa Doğan

Music: Lars Eriksson

Cast: Remzi Uğur Özger, Güney Ergüney, Dilek Karabulut, Onat Baran, Yaman Tan Solmaz



“Evil can not be explained in a rigid framework. Good and evil are socially constructed norms. There would be no such concepts if society hadn’t put up boundaries that separate the right and wrong thing to do. Societal pressures, conditions of life itself and psychology are indispensable factors in the shaping of a culture that not only enables, but justifies evil. There is good and evil in each one of us, this is an ever-lasting part of nature and mankind. And the line dividing good and evil within a man’s heart is thin and easy to cross over. Despite the initial perception, Point Zero is not about a gay pilot who meets a young man in a hotel. The film is much more than this encounter between two people who affect the lives of one another drastically. What we aimed to convey with our film is that a lifetime of enduring societal pressure, homophobia, parental abuse and loneliness can inevitably lead to the birth of an evil persona. The pilot, in that sense, represents the eternal fight between good and evil within a person. As Dostoevsky said: ‘Nothing is easier than to denounce the evildoer; nothing is more difficult than to understand him’.”


- Dilara Sahin





Director: Dilara Sahin

Producer: Samican Karatekin

Producer: Ezel Ergenekon

Executive Producer: Mehmet Ali Şahin

Original Story: Ayfer Şahin

Director of Photography: Celal Burak Özgül

Casting Director: Selin Bila

Editor: Mustafa Doğan

Gaffer: Arif Bilbay

Light Assistants: Turan Tütüncü & Ali Şimşek

Camera Assistant: İrem Nur Satıcı

Stylist: Alçin Ateşalp

DIT: Numan Alkan

Location Manager: Samet Atak

Set Grip: Fatih Canıbeyaz

Boom Operator: Mustafa Sürücü

Production: Mehmet Oğuz Şahin

Post-Production: Roots Post Production Company & Rabarba Sound

Color: Ecem Gelgeç

Sound Design: Gökçe Su İyikan

Graphic Designer: Işık Başak Arabacı

Van Driver: Özkan Şahin



Pilot: Remzi Uğur Özger

Ruben: Güney Ergüney

Pilot’s Mother: Dilek Karabulut

Young Pilot: Onat Baran

Young Pilot’s Boyfriend: Yaman Tan Solmaz


Enes Sarı

Ecemnur Terzi

Orkun Terzi

Ayşegül Ergenekon

Gürkan Ergenekon

Ayfer Şahin

Mehmet Ali Şahin

Burcu Avcı
Alper Şahin

Special Thanks:

Mehmet Ali Makbuloğlu
Kayhan Mutlu (Reserve Cloud Kitchen)
The Gate 30 Suites 
Pub Locale Bulvar 216
Roots Post Production




POINT ZERO tells the story of Deniz (Remzi Uğur Özger), a gay pilot who has been subjected to neglect, parental abuse, homophobia all his life. After years of enduring societal pressure, his life is drastically changed one night in a hotel where he meets a young European man. After indulging in drugs and alcohol with Ruben (Güney Ergüney), the loneliness that he has felt his entire life and his past traumas resurface in a cathartic outburst of emotions, which leads him to make an irremediable mistake.


Inspired by the short story by Ayfer Şahin, the film was adapted to the screen and directed by Dilara Sahin.


All of our crew members are defined by their enthusiasm and passion for filmmaking. Many senior members of our crew are first-time filmmakers including the director, the producers and the editor.




The film is a passion project for the Şahin family:

Ayfer Şahin (the mother) - wrote the original story on which the film was based.

Mehmet Ali Şahin (the father) - acted as the Executive Producer and financially supported the production.

Mehmet Oğuz Şahin (the son) - coordinated and assisted in the production on set.

Dilara Şahin (the daughter) - Wrote and directed the film.


The film is a dream come true for two best friends:

The producer (Ezel Ergenekon) and the director (Dilara Sahin) are best friends, all the way through high school to college, where they were roommates for three years. They have studied Media and Film / Media and Television at the University of Amsterdam, where they laid the foundations of a filmmaking “dream-team”. Later they started working on POINT ZERO together as partners and turned their college dreams into reality.


POINT ZERO will be submitted to numerous acclaimed film festivals all around the world in the period 2023-2024. (Awards and festivals TBA)



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